Organic Process Literacy


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Organic Process Literacy

the meta-substrate of all history
history’s universal organizing principle is
"the network organizing principle"

orchestrated webs of Synchronicity

this is the organizing dynamic that is now
morphing society into organic convergence

this is the meta-substrate undertow-gradient
this is the coalescing teleological black-hole
this is the ultimate life-creating strange-attractor
this is the magic that animates the emergent singularity
experienced as biological consciousness cognition volition ego
this is the essence
this is the ghost in our machine

"out of chaos comes order"
complexity is inherently self-selecting
complexity is inherently self-organization
complexity animates the strange-attractor that drives the life-force
the strange-attractor that breath life into an inanimate universe
the strange-attractor that animates all living systems
that strange-attractor rides in on the coattails of complexity
and complexity’s magic
rides in on the coattails of 
"the network organizing principle"

orchestrated webs of Process Synchronizing Interplay

this is our Zeitgeist
this is the spirit of OUR times
where is our global organic-networking metaphor
where is the organic-networking lexicon for the rest of us
to lubricate our perceptual / conceptual paradigm shift
organic-network-dynamics as hidden ground

organic-network-dynamics as foreground figure
in our collective mind’s eye
to get us all on the same page
with nature’s / god’s magic ingredient

the substrate - the network - the platform
endlessly recombinant extensibility
fuelling up the warp drive
"universe as nested novelty engine" 
"everything is one
the moon the stars the sun”

network dynamics are the creative accelerant
all the way up the reality stack
that accelerant’s tipping point is about to go supernova 
spilling over and subsuming all human culture

you can’t make plastic or computer chips
working with an alchemy based metaphor
talking the language of - earth - wind - fire - water

how are we to - drive - steer - brake
this emerging organic social network dynamic
trapped inside a 20th century linear metaphor @ hull speed

this thing is quickly becoming a runaway freight train
we need to jump the shark and put on the metaphoric brakes
we need to pull a linguistic strange loop and collaboratively forge
a new self-referential global organic-metaphor / lexicon
reframing - ourselves - our social structures - and our world
as ubiquitous instances of a universal network-organizating template

mastering and maintaining organic inertia-dampening safety valves
over vital social / political / economic networking functions
is an existential challenge
to our democracies
maybe even to our long term survival

we are all at the Mad Hatter’s tea party
spinning our wheels
speaking in tongues

we are hobbled by obsolete linguistic memes
that sabotage our collective ability to realistically frame
our emerging organically interdependent social realities

we need a new global organic-networking metaphor
a magic little lexicon
capable of injecting the very heart and soul
of Organic Process Literacy
that magic-Mojo at the core of all living systems 
into every day language and culture

in short
Organic Process Literacy
is a roadmap
an essential thorny mysterious investigative roadmap
into the core fabric of ourselves and our social structures
viewed as generic instantiations of organic living systems
Organic Process Literacy
is a pilgrimage
into an infinitely self-referential
self-selecting and self-reenforcing universe
of life-giving strange-attractor networking-vortexes
all riding in on the coattails of organic network complexity
complexity that itself emanates from the underlying
"network organizing principle"

self-organizing webs  of  Synchronized
life-generating adaptive feedback-interplay


On the road to better community
Organic Process Literacy

is just a memes to an end

a new media ecology

a modern, simplified, broadly accessible
Organic Meta-Modelling for the Rest of Us Morons

trip the switch 


Extending human consciousness

The magic of visual summary

The emerging, seminal, art and science of animated info-graphics is accelerating and amplify our ability to extract meaning and perspective form a ubiquitously wired world of overwhelming data.

Please sir!
Can we have some more.

Here is an example of info-graphics turned into a visual store line.

Remember the human brain was built to process store lines.
The human brain has a universal love affair with the story line. 

Processing real life store lines is the penny in the currency of human comprehension.

It is, after all, this ever evolving power to extract and share an effectively operable story line from our collective experiential data that has propelled our evolutionary survival to the top of the food chain.

Some more great example of animated info-graphic store lines - bills itself as

The world’s largest community for exploring, sharing, creating, and promoting data visualizations.

The Internet =
Organically Interconnected Citizens =
Direct, Participatory, Organically Distributed Democratic Control

"Knowledge is a ship we must constantly rebuild while at sea" - Otto Neurath

1- Always stand atop the best attitudes, language, tools and techniques of bygone sailors, don’t reinvent the sail, just retrieve synthesize and extend it into new forms conducive to the ever changing environmental circumstances.

2- Keep your window of doubt wide open, even your most sacrosanct conclusions should never be elevated to a status level above “working conclusions”. That window of doubt is your portal to freedom from self delusion. Enlist and develop your “third eye” to police that window as if your life depended on it.